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  • Fiscal Responsibility

    Norby Chabert on Fiscal Responsibility

  • Hurricane Protection

    Terrebonne & Lafourche parishes have the highest rates of wetland loss in the United States. Our coastal marshes are the home to a wide range of wildlife and are the source of south Louisiana’s tremendous seafood industry. They also provide recreational fishing and tourism and combined with our barrier islands, they are our natural protection against hurricanes. Restoring our coast is not an option; it is a necessity!

    However, as I have had to remind the members of the legislature time and time again, there is a difference between “Coastal Restoration” and “Hurricane Protection.” In some places in coastal Louisiana, restoring the coast may be the top priority. Here at home on the bayou…HURRICANE PROTECTION MUST COME FIRST!

    While never lessening the importance of coastal restoration, I have been the strongest advocate for hurricane protection in the State Senate for the last six years. As a six-year member of the Natural Resources committee and having served for four years as Vice-Chairman of the Senate Finance committee, I have been able to bring home the critical funding for important flood control projects across Lafourche and Terrebonne.

    For the first time in Louisiana history, the state has a Coastal Master Plan to address our greatest needs. It has been my honor to be the Senator tasked with handling its reauthorization in 2012, and I have handled the passage of its annual plan off the Senate floor every year that I have served.

    As your Senator, it has been my top priority to see that Louisiana funds Master Plan Projects in Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes so that we can protect our home and begin rebuilding our coast!


    • Reach F Levee Segment-  $20 Million in State Funding
    • Pipeline Relocations & Mitigation - $10 Million in State Funding

    Bayou Grand Caillou Floodgate
    • $19.7 Million in State Funding
  • Commercial Fishing

    Our commercial fishermen are a dying breed. High fuel costs and shrinking fisheries, as well as the constant threat of cheap foreign imports have crippled the industry.

    I'm proud to come from a family of commercial fishermen. My grandfather Norbért Chabert was an oysterman from Cut Off. My father and brother worked our family crawfish farm for over twenty years. My uncle Tillman still shrimps, and to this day we still harvest alligators on our family property annually.

    The success of our seafood industry is critical to thousands in our area and our state. It is our heritage, our way of life and a vital part of our economy. I pledge to do all that I can to insure its survival.

  • Economic Development

    At this point in time, large corporations are cringing under the financial pressures of our economy. There is no better time than now to build up & sustain our small businesses. The federal government offers grants & incentives to spur this growth, & I plan on taking every measure to ensure that every person in my district has the tools necessary to build & sustain their business.

    I will support legislative bills which show the world that Louisiana is a great place to do business and allow businesses to flourish.

  • Funding Chabert Medical Center

    As you can imagine, Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center holds a special place in my heart. Not only did my father bring the "Impossible Dream" of a charity hospital to the bayou region, but he fought every session, not only to have it funded, but he fought to keep its very doors open.

    He knew what it was like to grow up poor and have no healthcare. As he used to say, "It doesn't matter if you're poor and you're sick; you're still sick and someone should take care of you."

    It was his life's mission to take care of the sick and un-insured of the bayou region. Upon his death, his legacy of fighting for the Medical Center was rewarded by having "His Hospital" renamed in his honor.

    For the past three years I have served on the Chabert Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors. Our sole purpose is to raise money to assist in funding the budget shortfalls that the hospital faces every single year.

    Now, Chabert Medical faces the same deep cuts that use to keep my father awake at night wondering how he would overcome the funding shortfalls that threatened its closure.

    No one will fight for the funding of Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center more than I will.

    No one.

  • Supporting Higher Education

    It may be cliche, but it's a fact: our young people are our future and investing in their education is critical to the future success of this state. Yet we continue to allow funding to colleges and university to be slashed when the bloated state budget gets tight. Nicholls State University's budget was cut by more than $3 million this year alone. We must change the way we fund higher education in this state before our best and brightest look elsewhere for their education.